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Peaceful River Printable Paper Bead Sheet

Peaceful River Featured

This printable paper bead sheet has a refreshing energy to it. I feel happier and more relaxed just looking at it. Oh, to be able to cut it up and turn it into wonderful, beautiful paper beads! But alas, I have run out of ink for my printer. This is one of my favorites though, and I will be trying it out just as soon as I can get some new inkjet cartridges.

Peaceful River Bead Sheet

Peaceful River Bead Sheet_Landscape Version

Just click on the image above to get to the full-sized image, then right-click and save. You may not sell the paper bead sheet, but you can sell any beads, jewelry, or other physical products you make with it as long as the pattern itself is not recognizable as a significant part of the project. If you’re not sure, ask—I don’t bite!

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