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FREE Orange Flowers Bead Sheet: Make Your Own Paper Beads

Orange Flowers 003

These orange flowers make me think of summer and Hawaii. It’s 13 degrees here in Michigan right now, so summer and Hawaii both sound good. Aloha ‘Oe.

I ordered some inkjet cartridges today and they will be here on Thursday. Then I will be able to print bead sheets again. Yay! I also ordered more Mod Podge, a dozen glue sticks, some Triple Thick gloss glaze, and a jar of UTEE. I have not tried the Triple Thick or UTEE yet. So far, I have used Mod Podge and PC-Petrifier wood hardener to coat the beads. I like the wood hardener better than the Mod Podge. I just string the beads up on wire and dip them into the bottle. I usually do three or four coats. I ordered more Mod Podge anyhow because it is good for other things. It just wouldn’t do to run out.

Orange Flowers 002

Orange Flowers 003

Just click on the image above to get to the full-sized image, then right-click and save. You may not sell the paper bead sheet, but you can sell any beads, jewelry, or other physical products you make with it as long as the pattern itself is not recognizable as a significant part of the project. If you’re not sure, ask—I don’t bite!

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