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Make Your Own Hand-Decorated Papers

Make Your Own Hand-Decorated Paper

Making your own hand-decorated papers is fun and easy! I made this paper by following a tutorial from Peony and Parakeet. You get the tutorial free if you sign up for her newsletter.

Here is a sample of the paper she made in the tutorial:

Spring Flowers_Peony and Parakeet

Here is the paper I made before I added details with the markers:

Spring Flowers 1_Unfinished_Both Halves Merged_Line Erased

And here it is after adding the markers:

Spring Flowers 1 Hand-Decorated Paper

Feel free to use either of my papers if you want. Just click on the image to go to the full-size version. You can use them for paper beads, scrapbooking, or whatever else you want. You can even sell the items you make with them if you want. Just don’t sell the actual image files. They belong to me. :)

Spring Flowers 1

Have you made any hand-decorated papers of your own? What tutorials and videos have you found helpful?

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