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Last-Minute DIY Christmas Gifts

Gift Ornament on Tree with Title

The holiday season is in full swing, and with only days until Christmas, it’s hard to get everything checked off your list. If you’re running out of time to complete your holiday shopping, or if you have no idea what to get that special someone, a simple handmade gift may be the perfect choice. Read on for some great DIY Christmas gifts that will satisfy any close family member, friend, or distant relative.

Why DIY?

A homemade Christmas gift is not only thoughtful, but it shows that you care! Forget going to the store and fighting through the busy, holiday traffic and crowds in the mall. Instead, make something heartfelt and unique. Here are some quick, last-minute DIY Christmas gifts you can easily make for your friends and family.

Christmas Ornaments

Glitter ornament tutorial at The Ornament Girl.

From glass to wood to yarn crafts, there are so many different options when it comes to creating a homemade ornament. An ornament is the perfect gift for anyone and will last through many years. Clear glass ornaments can be coated on the inside with Pledge floor finish (not the cleaner) and glitter to create a shiny, mesmerizing addition to any tree.

Another trend you’ll find this holiday season is wooden ornaments. Slice up any extra firewood you have lying around, and carefully drill a hole in the top to insert a hanging ribbon. You can get creative and paint any design on the wood slice, such as a friendly snowman or name initials. Better yet, find a theme that will resonate with the recipient. For example, you could make dog paw print ornaments for the animal lovers in your life or Yoda and R2D2 ornaments for a Star Wars fan.

Gift Baskets

A gift basket is a fun way to combine multiple gifts into one! You can come up with a theme to suit just about anyone, from spa baskets for the pampered people in your life to a coffee basket for caffeine lovers.

Head to your local store and stock up on small snacks, like chocolate bars, pretzels, chips, nuts, and hot cocoa packages. Next, find the perfect size basket, bucket, of box, to place your goodies in. Use plastic wrap to hold the items in place and keep them from coming loose in the packaging. In no time you’ll have a big basket full of goodies that will look professionally made—for a much more affordable price than a store-bought one. For an extra special touch, add a small handmade item or two that fit the theme of the basket: hand-crocheted washcloths for the spa basket or a hand-painted mug for the coffee basket.

Picture Frames

Photos capture some of your most cherished memories with the ones you love, so why not share those memories? Head to your local dollar store to find cheap, simple picture frames, then stock up on supplies like fake flowers, ribbons, or rhinestones from a craft store like Paper Mart.

Get creative and use your craft supplies to decorate a frame that your friend or family member can put on their desk at work or display on the mantle over their fireplace during the holiday season. Don’t forget to add a picture of the two of you to remind them of the good times you’ve had together!

Scented Candles

Mason Jar CandleEveryone loves a good candle during the holiday season. It fills the air with pleasant scents and creates a warm, cozy atmosphere.

To make your own candles, grab some empty jars, wax, wicks, and scented oils. Before filling the jars with wax, you might want to decorate them with paint and glitter or hot glue a large ribbon with a bow on the front for an extra festive style.

Melt the wax over your stovetop with some scented oils, place the wick in the clean jar, and then very carefully pour the hot wax into the jar. Leave the wax to set and dry overnight, then cut the wick to the size you want and you have a simple DIY Christmas gift that everyone will love.

Wrapping it Up

Remember that a handmade gift doesn’t have to take hours to make. Even a quick, simple gift shows that you cared enough to put some thought and effort into your gift-giving. Now that you’ve made your gift, there’s just one more thing to do: Wrap it with your favorite Christmas wrapping paper and top it with a nice, big bow!

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Title photo by Daniel Go. CC BY-NC 2.0. Text added by CraftsCrazy.
Glitter ornament photo by The Ornament Girl.
Soap gift basket photo by lapoli. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.
Mason jar photo by freefaithgraphics. CC0 1.0

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