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How to Make Patio Cushion Covers

Patio cushion covers are not the easiest objects to make, it has to be said, even though they are all straight lines. That is because the fabric you need to buy for them is quite tough to sew being both thick and waterproof. But it is feasible to make your own patio cushions if you are skilled at sewing.

1. Measure Your Cushion Pads

If you have cushion covers you need to replace then start by measuring your cushion pads to get the exact dimensions of the cushions. This can be tricky if your cushion pads are a bit bent out of shape, so you need to make sure you measure them carefully so that the finished cushion will fit your garden furniture.

2. Make a Pattern

Draw out a pattern on plain paper so that you are sure you are cutting the right pieces. A patio cushion is generally a box like construction which has six sides one of which is split down the middle for the zip fastener. Work out quantities of fabric from your paper pattern taking into account seam allowances and that all fabric must face in the same direction.

3. Buy the Right Fabric

Look for a suitable outdoor fabric for your patio cushions. Unfortunately normal dress or upholstery fabric will not do because your cushions will be subject to sun and rain and need to be weatherproof.

4. Cut out the Pieces

Pin the pattern pieces carefully on the fabric and cut out each piece remembering to include the seam allowances.

5. Stitch Carefully

Stitch the seams together with a double row of stitching to reinforce them and include any ties in the seams (so that they are securely fastened). Add a strong zipper to allow the cushion cover to be opened and closed for inserting and removing the cushion pad. As the foam for patio cushions is generally quite firm you will probably need a zipper that is the width of the whole cushion.

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