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Fun Ways to Display your Jewelry

If your bracelets and necklaces are snarled into one giant blingmonster in your jewelry box and you can’t ever seem to find two matching earrings, maybe it’s time to organize your accessories. The truth is that most decorative jewelry boxes don’t really hold all that much loot. However, most fashionistas who own a ton of jewelry find that storing it out in the open helps them quickly choose the right pieces for any outfit.

Here are some tips for organizing all that bling.

Frame it

There are several DIY projects for jewelry display that feature picture frames, and they’re all easy to complete—even for the novice crafter. You won’t need the glass or the backing, so empty photo frames from the thrift store are perfect for these projects.

  • With a staple gun, staple a rectangle of window screen to the back of a frame to create the perfect earring holder. Pull the screen taut as you staple and attach a picture hanger to the back.
  • Buy a sheet of cork from the hardware store. Use a utility knife to cut the cork to size and staple it to the back of a picture frame. Attach a picture hanger for displaying and put push pins in the front. Hang artful pieces—like a cameo or charm necklace—from push pins for safe keeping. Stud earrings can be stuck directly into the cork!
  • Glue a picture frame to a rectangle of Styrofoam. Cut short slits in the foam with a utility knife and insert your rings. Keep the display horizontal on a dresser or counter so nothing falls out.

To incorporate jewelry as part of your room’s décor, group several frames together on one wall as you would a group of photos.

Repurpose it

Sometimes the perfect storage item is right under your nose—you just have to see it with a fresh perspective.

  • Keep a muffin tin in your top dresser drawer for holding earrings, brooches and other small pretties.
  • Have you got a few mismatched wine glasses you never use anymore? Turn them upside down and thread bangles over the stem. The round bowl of a red wine glass keeps the bangles from sliding all the way down, but a slim white wine glass also works; it keeps the bangles in a neat stack.
  • A candelabrum makes a great holder for all types of bracelets and bangles, and it adds an interesting visual element to any room.
  • A vintage tiered serving dish can double as a jewelry tray. The tiers hold a lot without taking up a lot of space on your dresser or vanity.

There’s no rule that says jewelry has to be tucked away in a box. You may want to store your most precious pieces more privately, but displaying jewelry can add color and an artful sense of whimsy to your personal décor. You buy jewelry because you love it. Getting it out of the wooden box and onto your walls offers another fun way to enjoy it.


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