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NEW: A Free Printable Paper Bead Sheet Every Day!

Connected Gears Featured Image

I have been on a paper bead kick lately and have started making my own bead sheets. I’ll get into how to do it later if enough of you are interested (leave a comment and let me know), but for now I’m just going to post a free printable paper bead sheet each day for you to print out and transform into gorgeous beads and jewelry. I will also be posting some paper bead sheet sets on Etsy starting sometime next month, and there may be a printable bead sheet membership website coming too. You see, as addictive as it is to make beautiful beads out of old magazines, I’m finding my new kaleidoscope program even more addictive.

Today’s free printable paper bead sheet is called “Connected Gears.” It was made by manipulating a photo of a magazine collage sheet I made. I took a picture of the collage sheet before cutting it up to make beads and have created around 300 paper bead sheets from it.

Connected Gears 001 Printable Paper Bead Sheet

Just click on the image above to get to the full-sized image, then right-click and save. You may not sell the paper bead sheet, but you can sell any beads, jewelry, or other physical products you make with it.

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