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Free Paper Bead Sheet: Little Brown Squares

Little Brown Squares Featured Image

I called this free paper bead sheet “Little Brown Squares,” but they’re not exactly square and they’re not all brown either. There are alternating rows of squarish brown and green kaleidoscopes and golden yellow with little brown squares around the edges. Hmmm. Maybe that’s where I got “Little Brown Squares” from. Anyhow, the background is light blue and mint green, and there are two versions (portrait and landscape), so you can decide which way you want to print it.

Little Brown Squares 001

Little Brown Squares 002

Just click on the image above to get to the full-sized image, then right-click and save. You may not sell the paper bead sheet, but you can sell any beads, jewelry, or other physical products you make with it as long as the pattern itself is not recognizable as a significant part of the project. If you’re not sure, ask—I don’t bite!

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