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Creative Ways to Upcycle an Old Crib

If you think the only use for an old crib is attic storage, think again. Whether your wee ones have outgrown their cribs, you’ve purchased a new crib and are wondering what to do with the old one, or you’ve uncovered a super-cute (but unsafe) vintage crib you want to showcase, you’ve got options to turn the crib into statement furniture. Let these design ideas spark a makeover, then spend an afternoon transforming that old crib into something much more useful.

Mama’s Desk:

This one couldn’t be an easier introduction to DIY upcycling. Turn that crib into a desk with beaucoup de storage space for YOU!

Upcycled Crib

To get this look, remove one of the side rails from your crib. Turn the piece on its side so that it parallels the floor and place it into the crib. This side rail now become an insta-shelf for extra storage. Play with raising and lowering the rail until you find a height that works for you. Mark the height with a pencil and have a friend hold the rail steady while you drill the side rail into its new position. Recycle the old hardware. Finish off the crib with a large glass top.

Bookshelf from Crib:

Keep the crib in your wee one’s room and transform the purpose by turning it into a hanging bookcase for kids’ lit. You’ll need fabric paint, pillowcases in plain white or a fabric of your choice and the front and back panels of an old crib. Remove the side panels from your crib, leaving only the shorter front and back panels. Saw off some of the wooden spines or slats where they meet the side. Blogger Jamie of Home Sweet Home suggests leaving every third slat. Carefully sand down any rough edges. Cut two of the discarded slats into 3-inch pieces, then use these to nail the two panels together to form a rough bookcase. Sand and paint the piece. For assembly, create a fabric sling from the pillowcases for each shelf. Loop one end over the back spine, then sew or fasten the end over the fabric. Loop the other end around the front spine so the pillowcase forms a U-shape and secure this end the same way. Now, hang the shelf in the little one’s room and add books.

Child’s Easel:

If your little darling loves to create, turn the front and back panels of her crib into a chalkboard/art easel twofer. You’ll need a crib with solid front and back sides, like so.

Remove the sides. Now is the time to sand/paint/stain these babies if you want to. Sand the entire frame, but only paint the edging, leaving the center square alone for now. Once the painted edges dry, remove your tape and tape off the edges. Add chalkboard paint to the center square on one of these panels to create an insta-chalkboard that’s just her height. For the second panel, cut a piece of corkboard to cover the dimensions of the inner square and hot glue it over the square. To assemble, attach a hinge to each outside top corner so the easel can fold out and rest on four legs. Pin a sheet of paper to one side and she can paint, leave chalk on the other and she can draw.

And one bonus project: With the side rails left over from the first two projects, you can create two craft or tool organizing stations.

Which of these ideas sparks your interest? Or do you want to make them all? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I love the desk! I’ve used old cribs to upcycle into shelving units and magazine hanging racks. You can find them easily!
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