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Crafting with Cordless Drills: Projects for Fun and Home

Christmas Bottle Lights

A cordless drill has made many of my craft projects easier by providing a tool that quickly and accurately creates clean holes in a variety of materials. From homemade upcycled furniture to homemade books, I’ve been pinning like crazy all kinds of fun craft projects I can make using my drill. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Wine Bottle Lights: Mason jar lights are so on trend, and this takes the idea and gives it a little bit of sophisticated. Plus, you don’t have to use those vintage Mason jars you’ve been stocking up on! Take a wine bottle and soak it in water to remove the label, then give it a nice soapy wash. Place the bottle in a vise clamp with the bottom facing you, and put on safety goggles and gloves. Using a 1/2-inch cordless drill bit especially made for glass, drill a hole in the side of the bottle about 2 inches from the bottom. Rinse the bottle out and any glass shards ill fall out. Seal those rough edges using glass sealant. Add lights and plug in — you’re done!

Soda Bottle Sprinkler2. Soda Bottle Sprinkler: When my sprinkler broke last summer, I made one of these in under an hour! All you need is a side bottle, old coat hanger, hose replacement kit, rubber washer and putty. A 1/16 drill bit should be sufficient; you don’t need to flood your lawn. Sprinklers are expensive, so this offers an easy way to make your own for when that gardening itch strikes! Read the full instructions here.

3. Marble Fence: This is so pretty! It’s going on my craft list for next summer. All you need are marbles and your drill, plus a drill bit that’s just a tad smaller than the marbles. Look for a spot where you get backlight, so the sun can shine through the marbles. Drill holes wherever you want—this is a feel your way through it kind of craft. Once you’ve made your holes, push the marbles through and you’re set!

Marble Fence

4. DIY Organizers: This tutorial is great for making organizers to hang everything from your mail to your frocks, and really lets you take the reins creatively. Use found objects to create organizers for the little things you need to organize. A decorative birch branch makes a wonderful hanging organizer for scarves, necklaces and clothes. An old shutter works well to keep mail, photos and other small items neat and tidy. Use your cordless drill to drill holes in the wall and mount your organizers using the appropriate fastener to support their weight.

5. Japanese Bound Books: Japanese stab bookbinding is super easy to learn and requires only paper, a very small drill bit, a needle and thread. Use decorative origami paper for the front and back covers and plain computer paper for the inner pages. For a neat stocking stuffer or birthday gift, try making these little books for friends and family members. There are all kinds of patterns you can create with this simple technique, but the basic stab bookbinding requires simple sewing skills. I made my first book last week and it was so easy, I’m already planning all kinds of variations for upcoming birthday gifts!

Japanese Bound Books

Always take safety precautions when drilling, including wearing appropriate footwear and using eye protection. Tackling any or all of these projects will give you experience working with your drill on a range of craft projects and may inspire new ideas for home hacks and arts and crafts. Happy crafting!

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