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Brightech LightView PRO LED Lamp Review

Brightech LightView PRO LED Lamp

Brightech LightView PRO LED Lamp

Yes, I sold my soul for a free lamp!

OK, not my soul, but I did receive a free Brightech LightView PRO LED lamp in exchange for a review.

I’ve had the lamp for about eight months now, so I’ve had plenty of time to test it out. I’ll admit I wasn’t thrilled with it at first, which is why it has taken me so long to post the review. I do love the lamp, and I use it every day, but not in the way I envisioned.

You see, when Brightech contacted me, they asked me to review the lamp for use in making crafts. It has a built-in magnifier (which is amazing, but we’ll get to that), so it was pitched to me as a way to get a close-up view of my stitches while knitting or crocheting. Unfortunately, the floor model, which is what I wanted, was out of stock, so they offered to send the clip-on model instead.

My Review of the Brightech LigtView PRO LED Lamp

I am not a fan of the clip-on model for knitting and crocheting. It is nearly impossible to clamp the light to a table or desk next to the couch and manipulate the light into the right position to be able to view my stitches up close. It can be done, but it requires scootching my butt over so I am sitting on the wooden divider between the sections of my couch. Not comfy at all! I’m not sure if that is more a problem with the lamp or my couch, but either way, I was really disappointed.

I do love the lamp though! It makes a really great desk lamp. You can adjust the brightness and color temperature of the lamp, which is a feature I didn’t really think I would use, but I do. I like bright light, and I figured I would just leave it at the brightest setting all the time, but I’ve found that turning the blue light down when it’s getting close to bedtime helps me feel more like sleeping.

Now back to the magnifier: It is truly amazing. It is an extremely high-quality magnifying glass that is 4.75 inches across and sits in the center of a circle of LED lights so it lights up whatever you’re looking at. There is a lid you have to raise to use the magnifier, which helps keep it from getting dusty. I use the magnifier mostly to remove slivers and that sort of thing. Occasionally, I use it to read small print in instruction manuals.

I don’t think I’d want to look through a magnifier all the time while knitting or crocheting, although this sentiment could change as my eyes get older! However, if I had the floor model so I could position the magnifier right where I want it, it would be extremely helpful for picking up dropped stitches, and maybe more intricate work like hand embroidery.

Overall, I am extremely happy with this lamp. If you plan to use it as a desk lamp, you’ll save a little money by choosing the clip-on version. But if you want to use it for crafts, I recommend paying extra for the floor model.

If you’d like to try a Brightech lamp for yourself, you can find them here:

Link to Clip-on Model

Link to Floor Model

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