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Ben 10 Omnitrix Craft Ideas

If your children are into Ben 10 then you will know what the Omnitrix is. For anyone reading this that is still baffled, Ben 10 is a cartoon about a boy who transforms into aliens and the Omnitrix is an alien watch that he found and now cannot remove. It is no normal watch, however. The only dials are those that select which alien he wants to transform into when he is in trouble from evil forces. When he has selected the right one, he bangs down the dial face and his transformation from boy to superhero is complete. He needs to select the right alien for the danger at hand as each one has special powers.

Children that are fans of the show will have to have a Ben 10 Omnitrix toy as well as few of the alien action figures. To save yourself a bit of cash, you could get your children to make this must have toy. You only need things you will have at home and your children will no doubt enjoy the craft process as well as the end result.

Omnitrix Version 1

The first way to make an Omnitrix is to find an old black sock and to chop it off at the toe end. You then need to get a small box and a toilet roll tube that you cut 2cm from. If you now fix the 2cm tube to the top of the box it should look like a watch dial. Now comes the fun painting part so you should get a picture of an Omnitrix and paint your box and watch dial in the black and green style from the show. When this has dried you need to glue the box half way along the sock so that the sock will work as the watch strap holding the dial in place on your child’s wrist.

To make the pictures that appear on the watch face when Ben chooses his alien, you need to cut some small cardboard circles that are just a bit larger than the toilet roll and paint them green. Next get some black paper and cut out some small alien silhouettes to attach to the cardboard disks. Your children will know the shapes! Stick them on and then use Blu-Tack to fix them onto the watch face. The alien disks can be interchanged as your child plays.

Omnitrix Version 2

Keep the plastic lid from an old milk carton – a 3cm one is ideal. Cover it with black paper or paint. Cut a 3-cm wide watch strap from the black paper making sure it is just long enough to go around your child’s wrist. Fix it with sticky tape. Stick the black lid onto the strap and then cut an Omnitrix hourglass shape from some green paper. Stick this onto the lid and you are done.

I hope you and your children have fun making one of these Ben 10 watches.

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    looking for a ben 10 knitting pattern. would you be able to help?

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