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Beads, Beads, Beads!



I got some new beads today! This is the first time I’ve ordered from Fire Mountain Gems and I must say I was impressed! I love the stone assortments I got for only $1 each and the big glass bead assortment is great too. I’ll definitely order more of those. There are some really pretty pink beads in there. Those are my favorites from this order. I also got a lot of rose quartz stones in the stone assortments. I like those too. There is one strand of light green stones. I don’t know what they are called, but I think they’ll look nice with some of the rose quartz. I’ll have to make something using both of them together.

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  1. Barbara says:

    Nice cache!

    If you’re talking about the green stones in your photo, I think they might be green aventurine or new “jade” serpentine. Both of those stones have that pale green color sometimes.

    If you look at the green in the daylight and it seems to have a slight glitter (like looking at sandpaper in the sunlight), it is more likely to be aventurine (which has mica in it).

    It’s hard to tell from photos…

  2. Beth Parker
    Twitter: bethparker

    Thanks, Barbara. I’ll have to go look at them in the sunlight and see if they sparkle.


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